Western Australian Stories

C.Y. O'Connor C.Y. O'Connor
First Engineer-in-Chief of Western Australia.
Perth's Prohibited Area Perth's Prohibited Area

Stories of Shipwreck and Discovery

Batavia Ship Model The Ill-Fated East Indiaman
Batavia's maiden voyage.
Journal of Mary Ann Friend Voyages to Western Australia
From discovery and exploration to immigration.
The <em>Gilt Dragon</em> The Lost Ship
The story of the Vergulde Draeck (Gilt Dragon).

Photo Tours Through Time

Perth City 2008 A Tour Through Time: Perth
Journey through 150 years of history
Albany Wind Farm A Tour Through Time: Albany
Journey through 142 years of history
Perth City 2008 A Tour Through Time: Fancy Dress
The art of fancy dress and dressing fancy.